To start, I built this entire site. No template, no CMS, just me and a text editor. Would using Squarespace or Cargo or Muse been easier? Absolutely. But I find I learn more when I do it the hard way.

As a public service, I have an ongoing project called HankFace, where I catalog the best faces Hank Hill ever made on King of the Hill for the betterment of mankind. You're welcome.
This was an entry into US Young Lions that I did with Chris Chan. We got second place, but more importantly, we got to draw a giant robot.
These are part of a side project I did called Ads Made Metal, where I combine my love of metal with my love of ruining great ads.
Everything is improved by adding angry vikings.
Best Buds are for whom the bell tolls.

Game trailer for a video game I worked on called "Itchy Ricky" about a tweaked-out raccoon on a trash bender. He was fun to write, and this animation was fun to do.
Animated music video for Baroness' "Isak"
I contributed this poster to The Creative Circus' Tribute Poster Show, to honor the thinking of advertising OG Howard Luck Gossage.

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