Just some stuff I did for fun.

For starters, I built this entire site. No template, no CMS, just me and a text editor. Would using Wordpress or Squarespace been easier? Absolutely. But sometimes you have to do things the hard way.

This was an entry into US Young Lions that I did with Chris Chan. We got second place, but more importantly, we got to draw a giant robot.
These are part of a side project I did called Ads Made Metal, where I combine my love of metal with my love of ruining great ads.
Everything is improved by adding angry vikings.
Best Buds are for whom the bell tolls.

Here's some fun things I did with After Effects.
Game trailer for a video game I worked on called "Itchy Ricky" about a tweaked-out raccoon on a trash bender. He was fun to write, and this animation was fun to do.
Animated music video for Baroness' "Isak"
I contributed this poster to The Creative Circus' Tribute Poster Show, to honor the thinking of advertising OG Howard Luck Gossage.

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